The Rudest Things You Can Do On A Plane

November 30, 2019 Manuel 0

Air travel is generally not a fun and carefree experience. But there are many ways you and your fellow passengers can make flights less miserable. Specifically, there are certain things you can avoid doing in […]


35 Spooky Travel Destinations Around The World

November 27, 2019 Manuel 0

When booking a vacation, many people seek out fun and relaxing destinations. But for others, it’s all about the spook factor. Many eerie sites have become popular tourist spots ― from hotels with grisly histories […]


How To Sleep Better On Planes

November 26, 2019 Manuel 0

Unless you have the capital to splurge on a flat-bed business class seat, sleeping on an airplane is likely not a comfortable experience for you. Between the cramped space, cabin pressure and general stress of […]