Meghan McCain Takes A Harsh ‘View’ Of How GOP Defended Trump This Weekend


This past weekend, Republican commentator and “The View” co-host Meghan McCain watched various supporters of President Donald Trump attempt to defend him and deflect attention away from the scandal involving a whistleblower complaint centered around a conversation between Trump and Ukraine’s president.

And she was not impressed.

Attorney Rudy Giuliani, senior White House adviser Stephen Miller and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) all went viral this past weekend for separate interviews that could be charitably described as “train wrecks.”

Naturally, it was a major topic on Monday’s episode of “The View.” McCain had strong opinions about the way Trump’s defenders tried to spin their interviews by attacking journalists and spitting out conspiracy theories.

“When you’re bringing up the Deep State, when you’re blaming the media, you’ve already lost,” McCain said.

But she also called out the media for what she said is a double standard in coverage.

“I will say,” McCain said, “if any of the women on this show behaved the way some of the men were behaving, we would be hysterical maniac crazy bitches all over the internet, and these guys get away with behaving like that.”

McCain’s slam earned a lot of applause and co-host Sunny Hostin agreed heartily.

“They have come undone,” she added.

But McCain wasn’t done.

“I was so angry,” McCain said. “But the blatant sexism, the way some of these men are being covered and the way we’re covered in the media — I was furious. I was, like, if any of us went on TV, dropping F-bombs, screaming into the camera in, like, this direct way with props behind us, we would all be fired.”

You can see the complete segment below (McCain’s comments start around 3:50).

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